Manage differently. Engage Differently.
Dine Differently.

Manage Your Business
Engage Your Customers

DinerDash delivers an integrated Restaurant and Bar Business Management solution, Point-of-Sale (POS), and mobile customer engagement platform that changes the way you think about customer experience.

Manage differently. Engage Differently.
Dine Differently.

Complete Point-of-Sale
For Bars and Restaurants

Our simple and elegant iPad based Point-of-Sale (POS) solution can handle even the busiest venues. Centralized iPad ordering or mobile iPads for your servers for collaborative ordering anywhere in your venue.

Manage differently. Engage Differently.
Dine Differently.

Full Management Control
Inventory, Menu, and Reservations

Our complete bar and restaurant management solution allows you to manage inventory, reservations, menu, and complete management reporting in real time from anywhere.

Manage differently. Engage Differently.
Dine Differently.

Collaborate With Your Customers
Create Truly Engaging Experiences

Our integrated customer mobile app allows customers to discover you, make reservations, and even collaborate with you during their visit by ordering directly from their phone. Includes payment integration for Apple Pay and Android Pay and a customer offers system to keep your customers coming back!

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About DinerDash

DinerDash has been designed to offer market leading bar and restaurant POS and business management capabilities coupled with a completely new customer engagement platform. Go beyond the basics of managing your business and start engaging your customers through our mobile app or go even further and launch your own branded mobile app that is directly integrated into the DinerDash management system.

Engage your customers in every step of the journey. Offer them new ways to order and pay. Even provide order and service in busy bars and nightclubs, pinpointing your customer’s location for easy service delivery even when things are busy and your customers are moving around.

DinerDash changes the way you look at customer experience and engagement. Contact us today for more information!